Industry Acclaims

“Baking peels… here’s a version that makes moving all types of dough easier.”

Fine Cooking October 2007

“AT LAST! A solution for your hard-to-move dough creations.”

The Baker’s Catalogue

“I think your Super Peel is a neat gadget. I used it to transfer free-form sourdough loaves to a 500 degree pizza stone and ended up with the best free-form loaves I have ever produced. An amazing oven spring! For someone who, at times, has a tendency to be all thumbs the performance was flawless.”

— Dr. Ed Wood, Author of “Classic Sourdoughs” – Sourdo.com

“Super Peel is a great tool, well worth the money, that has a conveyor belt that really makes it easy to get bread onto the grill easily, especially pizzas.”

— Derrick Riches,  bbq.about.com

“I can recommend this to anyone who likes doing pastry or pizza cooking who has even the least difficulty moving these around. It would also make an excellent kitchen gadget present. Gary Casper has come up with a really useful device, which really seems to do what he says it does.”

— pizzasbypost.com

“This is without question the best new invention I have found in many many years for cooking on ceramic cookers. I LOVE THIS THING and anyone who has ever tried to do a pizza on a ceramic cooker will want one. This made the process so much easier I can’t begin to tell you how happy I am with this Super Peel.”

— Tim Moore – primogrill.com

If you have difficulty moving fragile dough, or you are deterred from making rustic breads because you think they’re difficult to move around or your pizzas keep coating the oven floor in Mozzarella and tomato sauce, BUY A SUPERPEEL (my caps). You will not regret it and, as each painstakingly crafted loaf slides into the oven, “smooth as Castor Oil”, you will think kindly of the shaky Brit* who told you about this “miracle of rare device”.

— John Wright – Serious Amateur Bread Baker in the U.K.
(*John has Parkinson’s)

I’m truly impressed with your new peel. As you know, getting bread from point A to point B is quite a problem – never thought about using it for pastry too. I started a commercial bakery in Georgia a few years back and we had a loader and I thought it was so slick. I never thought of using the same principal for the home oven. You should be very proud of yourselves. I can’t wait to offer it to everyone. Thanks for putting your idea into reality.

— Betsy Oppenneer – Certified Culinary Professional

User Testimonials

A Dutch user has put together a nice slide show with the Super Peel in action! Take a look at here!

Anyway, can I just say, WOW!!!!! I’ve used my new Superpeel so much in the last week, it’s become an extension my cooking arm. I put it through the paces; pizza, pie crust, calzones, bread, rolls. It takes care of it all!!!! I’m a true skeptic when it comes to kitchen gadgets, but yours delivers! No gloppy pizza, no twisted loaves of bread that are supposed to be round, no burning my fingers when I take out calzone. You’ve cooked of up a winner. Keep at it! I have a feeling I’ll be ordering more come Christmas.

— Alana from Monroeville, NJ

“My wife confesses…..it works a dream. Even she had to have a go and admits that it’s a seriously good toy!”

— Grant from New Zealand

“It’s a great item and I’m glad I found your site. It sure makes my pizza making days a breeze compared to the old peel I was using, what a nightmare that was!”

— Edie from Des Moines, IA

“It has been working really well; even better as I get more experienced at using it. ;-)) Thank you so much, Gary.”

— Leigh from San Jose, CA

“Super Peel arrived and jolly super it is too. So clever and so very well made as well. I can’t see any defects at all and it works perfectly. Best attribute of all – it’s really nice to handle and use; well balanced with a secure feel to it.”

— Kevin from the U.K.

“I still use it every time I make bread. I still can’t believe the ease in transferring breads to the stone. I say a little thank you, each time I use it.”

— Ann from British Columbia

”Just a short note to tell you that I put your Super Peel to the test yesterday and it performed like a pro. I am very pleased with it. Not only does it work the way it is supposed to work – an increasingly rare quality – but the workmanship is outstanding.”

— Jim from Morgantown, W. Va.

”I have thoroughly enjoyed my peel so far. My peel is working great, it kinda gives me a lot more bravery to make really slack or fragile doughs because I’m not afraid of deflating them anymore! So now I can make all those 80% hydration doughs I was scared of before.”

— Ryan from Apex, NC

”Tried the Super Peel for the first time last night. Wow, worked like a charm. Didn’t get corn meal all over the kitchen.”

— Larry from Newport, RI

“Does it work like the video on the site? You bet!!! The first pizza went on my hot stone without a hitch, it was hysterically fun. On went the second and the third, each remaining 100 percent intact. How much simpler could it be? And if I can do it the very first time, oh please…

What’s the quality of board? It is ultra-smooth, with perfect cut-outs and a great pastry cloth with clips. Slipping the cloth through and setting up is 1-2-3. I would buy this again in a heart-beat, but it’s already MINE! No more store bought pizza!”

— Nita from Carver, MN