About EXO Products Super Peel

Super Peel® concept testing began in late 1998 and the first working prototype was developed in early 1999. Patent application was submitted in July, 1999 and the patent issued in May of 2000. Initial attempts to license the patent rights received considerable interest, however were unsuccessful. After further development and design modifications, the Super Peel patent was licensed to a Portland, Oregon cooking tools manufacturing and supply company. They enjoyed some success in marketing the product prior to experiencing a number of major business setbacks, which required priority attention. We had a mutual understanding that marketing would be seriously delayed, so parted ways.

The Super Peel came back home in early 2003, and we began our own marketing efforts. The Baker’s Catalogue, of the King Arthur Flour Company, took immediate interest and ultimately offered the Super Peel from September 2003 to August 2004, during which time it was featured on their November 2003 Catalogue cover.

EXO Products, Inc. was founded in 2002, as a promotion company for the Super Peel, but also as a product development company, with primary interests in new product development and licensing. We always have other products under development, but our primary focus is the Super Peel. We are committed to manufacturing and offering it as a highest quality product.

Super Peel® is a superior dough moving tool for the home baker.  It is simply a marriage of two, centuries old, and traditional baker’s tools: a Baker’s Peel (that large spatula often referred as a pizza paddle) and a Pastry Cloth. The Peel provides a large dough carrying surface; and dough does not stick to a lightly floured Pastry Cloth.  By wrapping the cloth around the Peel we have created a small hand-held conveyor belt, which has amazing dough pick-up and handling properties.

Super Peel is very easy to use, and sized for many baking tasks. It can pick up almost any dough, even if partially stuck to your preparation surface, transport it, and then put it down again, gently and precisely, exactly where you want it, all without sticking, distortion of shape, ripping, deflation or other common problems.  The trick is that the dough never has to slide either getting onto or off of the peel, as done with a standard peel.  Rather it simply lifts up and is deposited straight down.   Super Peel can handle almost any dough moving challenge.  It is sort of hard to explain, but easy to use.  Watch a couple videos and you will understand the magic!

Artisan bread bakers load their ovens with conveyor loaders. The Super Peel brings this professional dough handling care, precision, and ease to the home kitchen for pizza, as well as freeform loaves and for many other home baked goodies.

Interview with Gary Casper, Super Peel Inventor

Part II Interview with Gary Casper