EXO Long Handled Non-Stick Super Peel Wood Fired Oven Peel

Super Peel WFO (Wood Fired Oven Peel) - Cherry Handle with Brushed Aluminum Blade.

Super Peel Non-Stick WFO, Cherry Handle, Brushed Aluminum Blade High quality 100% made in USA. May be used with transfer cloth belt attached, or as a standard long peel with belt removed. Comes with our standard poly/cotton cloth belt recommended for use to approximately 800F. Incorporates Super Peels patented conveyor pick-up and transfer, through a free sliding mechanism in its 30 inch long handle. Easy and fun to master and use.

  • Easy No-Stick/No Hassle Pick up and Transfer for loading breads, pizzas, etc. into your wood or gas fired bread and pizza oven.
  • Keeps your hands away from the heat!
  • Also provides great utility and visibility for loading your Home Oven.
  • The Super Peel WFO comes with our standard poly/cotton transfer cloth, which has been tested for use to over 800F.
  • Allows you to get in and out of your oven fast with complete confidence and control!

“AT LAST! A solution for your hard-to-move dough creations.”

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