EXO “BIG 16″ – 16” Non-Stick Super Peel Pizza Peel

16” Non-Stick Super Peel Pizza Peel with Aluminum Blade and Black Cherry Handle

Finally! The Long Sought Larger Version of The Super Peel!

Still 100% Made in the USA!

  • American Black Cherry Handle - Brushed Aluminum Blade for smooth operation.
  • 16” Wide X 16” Long large working surface.
  • Super Peel’s non-stick conveyor belt technology is simply the easiest, surest and safest way to transfer pizza and breads to your baking stone. You never have to slide your pizza with a Super Peel. Just set it right where you need it to be! Use far less flour or cornmeal.
  • Low Maintenance, solid construction, super action!

Larger version of EXO’s widely acclaimed Super Peel. Uses the same conveyor belt technology as all of our Super Peels. This newest model covers the size gap for your larger pizzas and breads, so you can get full use from the size of your baking stone or steel.

Made for EXO in the USA, supporting a local workshop which trains young craftsmen looking to someday start their own businesses - “Halfmoon Works”.

Our experience over the years with different peel materials and manufacturing methods has led us to this proud offering. This peel has it all - Super thin, light weight and strong, easy maintenance and no-stick transfer belt technology!

“AT LAST! A solution for your hard-to-move dough creations.”

— The Baker’s Catalogue


To say that launching pizzas with this peel is a breeze is an understatement.