The Problem

As almost any baker will readily attest, one of their most routine and challenging baking tasks is transferring a masterpiece of raw, sticky, crumbly, or otherwise delicate dough from one place to another. Whether moving a simple pizza or a sticky free-form ciabatta loaf to your hot oven stone, or a delicate sheet of rolled pastry dough (even a finely woven lattice top!) to a pie plate, the task can be trying at best, and is often a flirtation with disaster!

In their attempts to solve this problem, most home bakers traditionally use lots of extra flour when rolling out and transferring their dough to keep it from sticking and to help it slide around. Unfortunately, this solution often creates other problems. The more flour incorporated into the dough, the more its consistency is altered. The result is often poorer quality finished product. And, even with all that extra messy flour, the task is still often imprecise and unpredictable.

Until Super Peel, the answer has just been “Tough Cookies”!

Pizza and bread bakers use lots of flour, cornmeal, semolina, etc. under the dough, which all act like little lubricant or “ball bearings” to prevent sticking and help things slide onto a hot oven stone. Pizzas can still stick, or land in the wrong place. Breads can still deflate, and all that extra flour cornmeal can burn and smoke. All of this can create a nasty and unnecessary mess in your oven. And when baking pizza at high temperatures, excess flour can burn and take on a bitter taste.


image showing the Super Peel to make pizza and lattice pie crusts