The Solution

Super Peel® is the simplest and surest way to pick up, transfer or reposition all your dough with ultimate ease and precision, with nothing ever sticking or ending up misshapen, torn, cracked, flopped, or dropped.

Super Peel can move:

  • Thin or Heavily Laden Pizza to Pizza Stone or Grill
  • Delicate Pastry, Even a Fancy Lattice Top, to Pie Plate
  • Large or Intricate Cut-Out Cookies to Cookie Sheet
  • Sensitive Risen Bread Loaf to Oven Stone
  • Thinly Sliced Cake Layers Stacked Atop Each Other

It doesn’t matter whether you are young or old, a new baker or experienced pro; we know that you will find Super Peel helpful. Even if you have been using other methods for years, once you try it we know you will keep using it. So, if your baking involves moving dough around your kitchen and into your oven, as in any of the above and others, the Super Peel will help you do it with:

  • More Confidence and Precision
  • Less Emotional Stress!
  • Less Flour or Cornmeal Mess

And Most Importantly, Better End Results!